if you think that we're just another web agency
we're not, if you think about internet as a new media,
think again. if you want to take part in creating new
generation of interactive forms of advertisement
scroll dow
both - traditional outdoor and traditional web forms
of advertising are gradualy loosing theyr engagement
potential on the oversaturated market. to bring attention
and evoke positive emotions towards the brand we need
new ways of delivering the message
welcome in the age of tangible and ubiquitous
interaction, where old divisions of whats online
and whats offline, whats real and whats virtual,
became blured. welcome in the age where
bits and atoms unites and interaction spreads
far beyond the computer screen
we provide products and services for creating
innovative, interactive experiences that merges
"online" and "offline" media:
interactive ambient ubicomp gadgets
dot.berry connector press de AR
our team is a mixture of designers, new media artist,
tech geeks and experienced marketing and brand
communication specialists - a combination that
guarantees not only outstanding and memorable experiences,
but above all the effective brand communication tuned
for expectations of a new breed of consumers,expecting
interaction everywhere, not just on the screen.